Hollywood should make a movie with this man

(Originally posted on “Cannesterist”, June 19, 2013)



His name is Surachai Puthikulangkura, and if you’ve been following the print category at Cannes Lions for the last few years, you know his work very well. Among other notable accomplishments, Surachai created the 2011 Grand Prix winning outdoor for Samsonite. A lot of people thought it was actually sculpted, but like all of his work it’s CGI.


I met Surachai in the basement of the Palais, and not only is he talented, he’s a charming man.

What I love about his work is the sense of atmosphere he invokes, and it reminds me of the same way I felt when I first saw the work of John Lasseter – he created worlds with a unique look, with a unique atmosphere. Surachai’s aesthetic is obviously darker, but the right script (or the right commercial or web film) with his visual approach could be killer.